"Building for People" 

Design/Build Construction Services


Barnhart-Taylor's guiding principle "Building for People" is the essence of what we aspire to achieve, creating comfortable, functional, and engaging environments for people. 

Our engineering heritage of 60 years, dedication, innovation, and strong work ethic is the solid foundation on which this company is built. Barnhart-Taylor is a family-owned business with the financial strength, resources, and influence to ensure precise delivery of our products and services.  Barnhart-Taylor's commitment to service and quality is measurable to the experience, qualifications and leadership of the company.  Despite our wide range of manufacturing and construction capabilities, the company has remained small enough to be agile and focused on the individual needs of our clientele. 

Customer relationships are not spontaneous, no matter how good the products and services are. Barnhart-Taylor understands that quality creates and captures customer value. Building strong business relationships and establishing a professional rapport with our customers helps us identify solutions and ensure overall success.  Our clear desire to work in partnership with our clients to solve problems helps us identify new business opportunities that can be developed into products and services that meet project requirements. 

Understanding our customers and the benefits of our products and services creates value. It all comes down to character and a belief that if you do your very best for your customers and treat them fairly they will trust you and treat you fairly in return.  Our values and professional ethics are reflected by the respect and dedication to our customers and the quality of our products and services.